May everyone who knows your mercy keep putting their trust in you, for they can count on you for help no matter what. O Lord, you will never, no never, neglect those who come to you.

– Psalm 9:10 TPT


We are learning more and more of the aftershock from the Coronavirus, and so much of it is sad and overwhelming. By now, everyone knows someone affected, either from the sickness itself or the economic devastation as a result of it. Everyone feels the impact, and too many are forgetting your mercy in the midst of it. Now is not the time to abandon our trust in you. I pray for those who have known your mercies, and those who have not yet acknowledged your mercy and grace, to recognize your attention, your provision, and your tender care and to put their trust in you. You will never neglect one who trusts in you, no matter what. May that truth overpower fear and uncertainty throughout the world today.
In the faithful name of Jesus,


Think about those you know affected in various ways by the pandemic (maybe even you). What mercies have you seen from God? How can this help turn your trust to him completely?


Today’s prayer invites us to recount the ways God has shown us mercy during this pandemic. This is no simple feat! When we feel discouraged and defeated by what we’re dealing with in our lives, we can miss the ways God has shown us mercy and grace. When we are beaten down by difficulties, we can falter in trusting God. But no matter what, God loves us more than we can comprehend and desires for us to lean into him when we experience trying times. Today, simply be still, be quiet, and allow this truth to reign in your heart.


As our daily routines shift surrounding the coronavirus, we are thankful for the opportunity to experience church in a new way. We understand times of uncertainty can be unsettling, and we invite you to share these daily prayers with your friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone else who needs encouragement!

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