I am always with you…you have taken hold of my right hand. Psalm 73:23

The Lord is righteous in everything he does and he is filled with kindness. Psalm 145:17


These Scriptures remind us that in every new day, God is reaching out to us with kindness. He wants us to reach up, hold his hand, and follow him.

When Crossings began the Centered series, I participated in the art show with a drawing of sunshine peeking through the leaves and twisted branches of trees. It’s a visual metaphor of God’s love reaching for us, his light shining on us, and how working on that relationship will let him be the center of our lives.

Part of that is slowing down in a chaotic day to realize he is reaching for us. We have to push aside the distractions, temptations, and the mess around us and simply give it all him.


  • Chin up
  • Look up
  • Phone down
  • Slow down

Pick up the Bible with your hands, take God’s hand, and let him lead. Then, put your hands together and give a grateful prayer. Take his hand with a childlike faith.

I have a memory of my mom’s smile when I was maybe four years old. We stepped into an elevator. She was smiling at me. Then, the ding of the elevator door opening brought me a realization that I had reached up and held the hand of lady I didn’t know…for five floors! She was smiling, too, and my mom giggled. I don’t remember any fear–just laughter.

That’s an example of kids absolutely trusting that hand. Kids don’t even look; they just reach up and hold on with total trust. It’s like they’re silently saying, “I need you. I want to walk step by step with you. Will you wait for me? Can I be with you?” The same goes for us and God.

Or, when you reach for the hand of an elderly person to steady their walk, you slow down. They lean on you. That’s the same for us and God.

Or, have you ever felt like you were in a dark place–alone, lost, overwhelmed? Have you ever felt that all you needed was someone–anyone–to reach down into the darkness, grab your hand, and lift you up?

God’s hand is always there. He’s reaching for you. He’ll guide you. He’ll walk beside you.

• • •


We can offer a hand to others. We are God’s light, and we let that light shine through us. That’s how we share God’s love. He teaches us to help others, which reminds us all: we are never, ever alone.

I made a sketch of a “hand in hand” image as I studied these Scriptures, and I would love to share it with you. I dropped it into note cards and a still graphic. The printable is linked below so you can reach out to someone in your life and offer encouragement or a gentle reminder to just look up and take his hand. God is reaching for us!


Dear God,

Thank you for reaching out to us and shining a light through the darkness every day. You light up our paths and we will follow you. Through the chaos, we will look for your light and trust you with a childlike faith. We won’t take for granted the landscape you paint before us. We are grateful for your guiding hand.


Becky Towe

Graphic Designer


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