Going to a Different Level

Kaitlin Slothower Kaitlin Slothower has been attending Crossings for eight years and is a very dedicated Crossings KIDS volunteer. She has been a part of the worship team on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings for the past year.

While working on her second bachelor’s degree in biomedical science from the University of Central Oklahoma and planning on attending medical school in the near future, Kaitlin still finds time to get involved in several different areas of the church. She is in a Centered Group, is involved in Crossings Young Adults, attends a Bible Study, and volunteers in Crossings KIDS.

When asked why it is so important for her and people her age to be involved at church, Kaitlin responds, “It gives a whole different level to church than just going to service.”

She believes the relationships that form are so important. “They provide people to pray with, worship with, and walk through life with us.”

She talks a lot about her Centered and Young Adult groups because the people in those groups are in the same stage of life, and they can share experiences and relate to one another. Her most impactful moment actually happened recently at The Gathering for Young Adults at Crossings. She sat in the front row and heard the voices of over 100 young adults singing behind, and she knew, “The Spirit was moving in the community.”

True transformation is happening at Crossings, and all it takes is getting involved. Church isn’t just about attending service, it’s about getting in a group or volunteering; just being around believers and applying what you learn to share your experiences with the world.

It is inspiring to see a young woman so dedicated to her career and her education make time for volunteering and getting involved in church.

“Going to a Different Level” written by Emily Ousley, Director of Children’s Programming