I have been reading through the Bible this year and have recently finished going through the Old Testament. I have enjoyed reading these passages because it has given me an even greater picture of who God is–his thoughts, his motives, his actions, his sovereignty, his love for us as his children, his attention to detail, his perfect plan for us, and his constant presence in our lives.

A recent blog by Bob Russell, who is a former minister at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, described the daily journey of the sandgrouse, a bird that lives in the desert. I’m not usually interested in the habitats of birds, but this story really impacted me as a great example of just how much our God is a God of both the big picture and the small details. Let me share a bit of the description of this amazing creature:

When their baby chicks are hatched, the male sandgrouse flies to find water for his offspring. Once he arrives at a watering hole, he quickly drinks for himself and then risks his life to pack up sufficient water to take back to the nest over twenty miles away. For several minutes the father sandgrouse sits in the pool soaking up enough water to supply essential hydration for his baby chicks. He has specially designed feathers that, somewhat like a sponge, absorb and retain moisture. While sitting, soaking in the pond, large predatory birds often swoop down and attack and devour any sandgrouse that becomes too casual, so he must be alert to the need to quickly escape at all times.

It can take up to fifteen minutes for the sandgrouse to absorb water in his unique feathers, the male sandgrouse takes off toward his nest carrying as much as ¼ of his body weight in liquid. Once back home the father gently settles in the nest allowing the baby chicks to suck his feathers and receive enough moisture to sustain them one more day. The male sandgrouse repeats that journey every day for two months until the little ones are mature enough to fly to the watering hole on their own.

I just love this! It not only shows God’s power as the ultimate creator, but it is such a great representation of the way God loves and cares for us down to the smallest of details. After reading this story, I was prompted to make a list of who I know God to be, not just from reading the Old Testament scriptures, and not just in relation to what he’s done for me personally, but as the God who shows himself to be present yesterday, today, and in the future.

God is…

  • The One who created the heavens and the earth–down to the smallest of details.
  • The One who gave grace upon grace to the Jewish people as they wandered through the wilderness.
  • The One who has built governments and crushed governments with one command.
  • The One who mourns with those who mourn and comforts those who weep.
  • The One who created a plan to include the giving of his only Son, Jesus, to die for you and for me–and then raised him from the dead so we could live with him for eternity.
  • The One who created the plan for 12 ordinary men to train with Jesus and be the first ones to deliver the gospel to the world.
  • The One who loves us so much he takes the time to discipline us so we can become more like him.
  • The One who is always in control, even when there can be so many things in our lives that seem to be out of our control.
  • The One who chose a small group of people to start a church in Oklahoma City 60 years ago.
  • The One who chose you and me to be a part of his church to help spread the gospel to the world.
  • The One who cares enough about a small bird called a sandgrouse to design the perfect way for him to care for his feathered family.

I could keep going with this list, but I don’t think I ever could finish listing the qualities of who God is–there are just too many! Revelation 1:8 gives one of the most powerful statements found in Scripture of who God is: “I am the Alpha and the Omega–the beginning and the end,” says the Lord God. “I am the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come–the Almighty One.”

That verse is so comforting and yet so powerful. Rest assured that our God–the God of the big picture and the small details, the God who created the sandgrouse and the creative way it has of caring for its chicks, the God who loves us more than our human minds can sometimes comprehend–is present, always was present, and will continue to be present and active as he works out his perfect plan for each one of us.


Dear Lord God,

We are in awe of your power, your sovereignty, and your creativity. As we go about our daily lives, help us remember you alone are God, and your plan for us and for this world you created is perfect, down to the smallest of details. Thank you for always being present in our lives and consistently revealing your power, love, and mercy to us.


Sheila Urton

Communications Administrative Assistant


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