Crossings Family, we are so excited to share how God has been moving through our global missions partners, which include the following organizations: Enlace, Water4, SAT-7, Heart for Lebanon, MACU, and Roatan Horizons! Explore update letters, videos, and photos below to learn more about how each of our missions partners has boldly responded to the needs arising from COVID-19!


“We know that times are so tough, so strange, and so challenging. Despite a 30-day quarantine in El Salvador and similar lockdowns in Guatemala, our staff has met by Whatsapp faithfully and prayed for you. As we all continue to brace for the physical and financial storms ahead, we know that it’s only by loving each other and bearing up each other’s burdens that we will emerge stronger and whole…”


“At Heart for Lebanon we lead people (specifically Syrian refugees, kurdish and poverty stricken Lebanese citizens) to be disciples of Jesus Christ. The journey begins with Family Care – distributing preventive care
resources, helping families survive so they do not get involved in areas of hurt and harm…”


“The Thomas School for International Studies (TSIS) at Mid-America Christian University met in the early days of the pandemic and asked how we might help people during this unprecedented time. God asked Dr. Enrique Cepeda and Melody Macri to host 10 virtual seminars…”



“We’ve been under a lockdown for almost two full months (on May 13th will be the official two month mark). This means going out is limited to once per week based on ID numbers and only for essentials. The island’s borders have been closed for the same amount of time, which means islanders who were off the island for whatever reason have been unable to return home…”



“Crossings Community Church, we are so grateful for your ministry partnership that helps to make the Hope of the Gospel heard via the SAT-7 broadcasts (both TV and social media platforms) across the Middle East and North Africa. In the midst of these unprecedented times, God has opened up avenues through SAT-7 to extend hope and encouragement in ways we never expected. Here is just a glimpse…”


Two months ago when the world changed, Water4 immediately sprung into action to get ahead of the spread for the vulnerable communities where we serve. We’ve always been about hand washing and safe water, but now more than ever, we’ve used our relationships with government, church and community leaders to ensure everyone is participating and informed to stop the spread.

Watch the video below on how we’re making and deploying hand washing stations, using discipleship networks, informing on radio and print media, and everything else at our disposal thanks for your support at Crossings Community Church.


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