Whether you are in a season of trial or triumph, there are resources available at Crossings and people God has called to support and encourage you. This week, we learn more about Todd Poe, LPC, LMFT, who serves as Pastor of LifeCare Programming at Crossings.

While being a counselor wasn’t on his radar until after he graduated from college, when a mentor suggested Todd should consider that path, he felt it was what he was supposed to do and immediately enrolled in graduate school.

Todd transitioned from his role in Athletics ministry to Graduate Resident in LifeCare in 2006 while he completed his graduate work. He has been a vital part of LifeCare ministry for over 14 years and feels God is using him to encourage and challenge others. “I have the honor of walking with men and women who are ready to address the challenges and wounds they may be facing in their lives,” he said. “I see myself primarily as a listener, an encourager, and a voice that reminds them who God says they are: beloved, son, daughter, heir to the throne.”

Todd is grateful for the opportunity to lead men in CareSeries programming, which is intended to help people join a community, recover from past wounds, and prepare to live the life God desires for them. “It’s incredible to see guys learn to be vulnerable, honest, and begin to grow into the men God has created them to be,” he said. “The freedom and life change that comes from honest community is what I believe to be a tangible expression of Psalm 133:1.”

Todd knows there are many reasons someone might hesitate to pursue counseling or CareSeries programming. “These resources aren’t just for when crisis hits,” he said. “We all need someone to speak into our lives and lift up things we cannot see in ourselves. We also need someone to encourage us to continue our pursuit of Christ and to call us to live into the capacity God has created in us.

“Take the risk of letting someone in and asking for help. We believe church is a place where we can be real, not a place where we have to pretend everything is fine. Counseling and CareSeries allow for transparent conversation that leads to real connection with others and God.” – Todd Poe


Todd recommends exploring CareSeries offerings available and reading Safe People by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning, and Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas.


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Throughout our Undone series, we will hear from our LifeCare counselors and Congregational Care staff and learn more about resources available at Crossings.


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