Through our Undone series, we have been reminded just how boundless God’s love for us truly is and how we can experience hope no matter the challenges we face. This week, we learn about resources available at Crossings from Ron Mahn, LPC, LMFT, who serves as Pastor of LifeCare Ministry.

In 1969, when Ron was just 15, he felt God calling him to become a counselor and integrate spiritual growth and emotional and relational health. “Having discerned a calling to ministry the summer prior,” Ron said, “I saw this as a specific calling and pursued that end point by developing my own discipleship, education, training, and ministry endeavors.”

Through this unique calling, Ron joined the pastoral staff at Crossings in May 2005. Transitioning from his role in private practices affiliated with Integris Baptist Medical Center into his new role at Crossings was an answered prayer. “It was a real moment of God’s affirmation and blessing because, interestingly, I had been praying for an opportunity to return to a ministry position for about eleven months,” Ron said. “What an opportunity it has been to develop ministry in the area of counseling, support, and recovery!”

Thanks to his diverse background and experience, Ron understands the stigma surrounding counseling that may prevent someone from seeking a next step. “LifeCare’s understanding of ‘peak performance’ is kingdom-focused, not self-focused,” he said. “It is important to declare that God is not doing this to you; rather, God is present and empowering you to grow in the heat of the challenge. Community, Scripture, prayer, empathy, and discernment are essential ingredients to addressing those difficult circumstances we may face.”

“LifeCare Ministry exists to deepen the discipleship of believers through counseling, support, recovery, and teaching, addressing both emotional and relational issues that challenge spiritual growth,” Ron said. “LifeCare is here when life disappoints or betrays our hearts and trust, and it is also here to teach God’s truth and offer clinical insight into how we can grow into what God intends for each of us.”

“It is such a privilege to see real relational restoration, individual transformation, and spiritual growth evidenced individually, maritally, or in another relational dynamic. It is an amazing thing to witness the Holy Spirit move in an individual or couple and to see God’s work evident in someone’s life! – Ron Mahn


Ron recommends getting familiar with everything LifeCare ministry offers and reading Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, Created for Connection by Dr. Sue Johnson and Kenneth Sanderfer, Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, and Anxious Church, Anxious People by Jack Shitama.


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Throughout our Undone series, we will hear from our LifeCare counselors and Congregational Care staff and learn more about resources available at Crossings.


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