February 21, 2016

morning meditation


We are so easily blinded by pride. We hold back from confessing our sins and resist the work of repentance. We subtly interpret our gifts and blessings as signs of superiority over others. We assume it is better to be rich than poor, to be satisfied than to be hungry, to be buoyant than tearful. We readily form judgments of others and then downplay our own weaknesses. If we’ve been Christians a long while, we grow overly confident in our understandings and less open to instruction. Finally, we tend to put more stock in correct words than concrete actions. The question is this: will we act on what we have heard from God, or will our faith be largely rhetorical? We are blessed when we do the Word: avoiding anger and arrogance, caring for those in need, and refusing to conform to the distortions of our culture.
– from Living the Christian Year