Father’s Day: Michael Fulmer

Meet Michael Fulmer, Crossings member, Deer Creek High School alumnus, and pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. Michael graduated from Deer Creek and married his high school sweetheart, Kelsey, after they grew up in student ministry at Crossings under the leadership of Randy Webb. Michael became a Christian at the age of 13 and has stayed involved with Crossings since, and even though he leads a busy life (including leading Bible study for the Tigers and speaking to about 10,000 people at Comerica Park sharing his testimony for over two years) pitching for the Tigers, he and Kelsey tune into the livestream each week to stay connected.

When Michael was drafted in 2011, he was selected in the first round right out of high school for the Mets. He was traded to the Tigers and got called up early in the season because another pitcher had an injury that kept him out of the game; during this time, Michael did such a great job that the Tigers kept him in that position. His outstanding leadership and faith that God would use him no matter what eventually led him to winning the American League Rookie of the Year Award in 2016.

Michael attributes his success to his spiritual guidance from Randy and encouragement from his family, especially his dad, JP. Michael describes his dad as a “great, humble man” and admires his work ethic and dedication, which includes taking care of Michael’s yard each week while he’s away and tuning in to every game and giving him advice after every game.

Michael’s involvement with Wings, a non-profit community for adults with developmental disabilities, as well as his off-season work as a plumber, keep him grounded and focused on how God can use him in the various communities in his life. He loves being able to give back–including giving the winnings he received from his Rookie of the Year award last year–and support Wings and Crossings’ partner ministries in every possible way.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the dads–I encourage you to keep being role models for your kids. Volunteers, male leaders, keep doing what you’re doing. Crossings is a wonderful community and I can’t wait to be back!” – Michael Fulmer