Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.

Ecclesiastes 11:1


When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to go visit my aunt and uncle who lived on a farm in Earlsboro, Oklahoma. In addition to the horses, vegetable gardens, and hay barn, there was a big pond that was a central focus of the property. When my cousin Randy and I needed a break from playing Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, we would go to the pond and fish or skip stones.

This was always a special time for me. Randy and I would get close to the muddy water’s edge, assume the pose, then release the stones to skip across the pond. We would watch with great anticipation, counting the number of skips and listening for the sound of success.

Randy’s stones would always skip across the water at least three times and mine usually just sunk to the bottom on the first throw. We would watch the circle that was created by the stone as it rippled becoming larger and larger until it came back to the edges of the pond and disappeared. It didn’t matter if it was Randy’s expert toss, the distances of his stones, or my awkward plunk, the ripple would always come back either slowly or quickly, but it always came back.

I found myself hypnotized watching the ripple effect. How could a toss of a stone in the water impact the entire body of water?

Years later, I realized it was really very simple. EVERYTHING matters.

Every interaction we have every single day makes an impact on others and on us. We send out little waves that reach people and affect people in big and small ways. Constantly.

It might be a kind word or listening ear, putting down our cell phones to be present in the moment, eye contact we make or don’t make, the smile that we offer or withhold, the quickness of extending an apology and eagerness in forgiving, our willingness to extend a hand of friendship and inclusion. What we do, what we say, how we say it—it all matters.

And the ripple of the circles always returns.


Gracious Father,

Thank you for showing us the full extent of your love by sending Jesus to be an example to us. Thank you for offering to us unmerited forgiveness, grace, and mercy in abundance. Lord, help us to make the most of the opportunities you give us every day to extend these gifts to others. We are reminded that you are source of every good and perfect thing and that it all matters.


Pam Millington


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