The creation of this endowment is an opportunity to impact and strengthen the church’s future by providing an avenue for people and families to have a positive financial impact on future generations. When I think about what this means, I envision a church in 20, 30, or even 40 years that has a stable financial foundation, which will allow its leadership to continue the primary mission of serving Jesus and getting his message out to those who don’t know Him.

To give an example: let’s say we have a typical Oklahoma storm roll through one spring and we are blessed with golf-ball-sized hail. The following day, it’s discovered that the entire roof needs to be repaired and/or replaced. With the endowment, the church board will be able to request funds from the endowment board to go toward any remaining costs that may not be covered by insurance. With a strong endowment program, it’s possible that no general fund–or budget dollars–will have to be spent for such an event.

As many of you know, Crossings will never use long-term debt to finance a project, mission, or need. This endowment will be essential in allowing future generations to honor this long-held principle of the church.

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