Changing Times

Amy Wolfe HeadshotAmy met Bill Wolfe on a blind date, fell in love, got married and raised three children. Is this the end of the story? No way! She was raised in Tulsa and became a follower of Jesus Christ at the age of 12. The youth director at her church had a huge part to play in Amy deciding to become a Christ follower. This is one reason she is so passionate about children and working with parents of younger children today.

Amy, Bill, and their children fell in love with Belle Isle Community Church over 25 years ago after only visiting one time. The moment they walked through the door they were greeted by Roy Townsdin and “he made us feel as if we were the only ones in the church! We each knew we were at home and loved it from the first visit!”

Fast forwarding to 2016, Bill and Amy are still very involved in the church, as well as all of their grown children, Bill’s mom and dad, sister, and brother. Amy even used to work at the church offices as a receptionist on Thursday and Friday, but decided to retire to help her ailing parents.

Both Amy and her husband have volunteered in many different areas throughout the years and believe it is so important to be involved. “With the size of this church and just attending worship, it’s hard to feel like you belong. You really need to be part of a Sunday school class or small group and volunteer in some capacity to feel part of the family.”

Bill has taught a 3rd grade boys Sunday School class for many years, and Amy decided to teach the Special Needs class for elementary age children on Sunday mornings. Their middle child is now 33 years old and has special needs, which has given them a deep desire to serve children and adults with special needs. Amy feels a close connection with the special needs community and even serves as a volunteer at Wings, a community for adults with special needs in Edmond.

Another volunteer role Amy has recently taken on is being a mentor for a group of mothers with little children under the age of five, as part of Women’s Ministry Monday morning MOMs groups. She wishes there had been something like this for her when her children were young. It is not only helpful for the mothers to glean insight from this Bible study and fellowship with one another on the challenges of marriage, raising children and life, but Amy learns a lot from them and loves these young moms!

Being a member of Crossings Community Church is such a blessing, and we still feel as though God’s love is poured out every time we walk through the doors. It is a warm place where everyone is accepted.

She wants others to come and experience the love, joy and acceptance that Crossings offers. Amy is passionate about the work she does as a volunteer at the church, and her advice for others is to get involved and be as active as you can. Everyone at any age has a lot to offer, and those gifts can change lives as we share them with one another. We are never too old to learn either!

Written by Misti Aduddell, Crossings Volunteer Writing Team Member