Intentional. Dedicated. Fun. Challenging. Rewarding.

These are the words which best describe Crossings Student Ministry to 9th-12th graders (CS 912) small group co-leaders, Wes Gutekunst and Tyler DuBose. Wes and Tyler, who have been active, long-time members of Crossings, felt called to community early on.

Both Wes and Tyler were ready to take an active role in serving at Crossings and found CS 912 to be the perfect place to get plugged in. “I really wanted to get more involved at church, and I thought volunteering in high school ministry was where God was leading me,” says Wes. Many are intimidated by the time and commitment to serving as small group leaders, but Tyler and Wes know firsthand how easy it is to get involved. “At first, you think it will be exhausting, but it really isn’t when you are truly there for your students,” says Tyler. “Invite them into your life! They just need someone who is consistent, who cares about them, and who will listen.”

Each week, small group leaders and their students help each other encounter God in incredible ways. One of Tyler’s favorite “God moments”–a moment only God can orchestrate–was when a student who had been struggling on a Saturday asked to talk to him at church on Sunday. “He knew I would be there for him no matter what,” Tyler says. “That next morning, we were able to talk and he actually accepted Christ. It was a total God thing, and I wasn’t expecting it at all!” Wes enjoys getting to build relationships with students for the years they’re involved in CS 912 and beyond. “It is awesome to see my students mature in their faith over time and rely more on God. My favorite God moment with my students is to see them develop a desire not only to follow Christ, but also to have a heart for helping others.”

The time spent with their students each week not only impacts the students they lead, but also each leader. “While it can be challenging,” says Wes, “the opportunity to serve in Crossings Students is super rewarding. It has impacted my faith and relationship with Christ. My students challenge me to live in a Christ-centered way.”
“Invite your students into your life! They just need someone who is consistent, who cares about them, and who will listen.”
-Tyler DuBose, CS 912 Small Group Leader

Tyler adds, “The community we have with other leaders is incredible in itself. They are the most encouraging and supportive people we know–we are eternally grateful for each of them. The community God has provided for us is the reason my wife and I continue to be active members of Crossings. Neither of our families live in Oklahoma, so the Crossings Students staff, our Young Marrieds Sunday School class, and other volunteers have become our family.”

Wes and Tyler agree their students continue to positively impact them each week and impress them with their commitment to serving and growing in their relationships with Christ. “I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys,” says Wes. “They impact me, my life, and my faith, and mean so much to me. Having the opportunity to walk through the challenging times with them and see them rely on God is an extremely humbling experience. Being involved in this way has taught me to further rely on God in my own life and through the challenges I face.”

Tyler and Wes admit fear is a factor that can hold someone back from getting involved in Crossings Students. “I think the biggest fear anyone has about volunteering is the fear of the unknown. You wonder if things will go well, fear whether you are good enough, worry you will have a hard time communicating, and feel like you might not fit in. But the staff and small group leaders are so supportive, and as soon as you have your first breakthrough with a student, you’re hooked!”

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