Crossings Community Church and Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) joined together to host blood drives on June 18, 19, and 23 at Crossings OKC and Crossings Edmond. OBI shared that the week of June 15-21 was “the highest hospital usage of blood donations that they have seen in months, possibly years. Elective surgeries are back in full force, and many people are in need of those life-saving gifts.”

God moved in some incredible ways during these three days, and we are so thankful for each person who donated blood, platelets, and/or plasma, or who volunteered during this time. Over 280 people came to Crossings OKC or Crossings Edmond to donate blood, which means their donations can make an impact on the lives of over 880 people!

Thirty-one percent of donors were first-time donors, and each donor received a cross pin and prayer card (photo in the gallery below). One donor–a senior adult who showed up at the end of the evening–shared with the OBI and Crossings teams that he recently lost his wife to COVID-19 and wanted to donate in her honor to make a difference in the life of someone else.

“The blood drive brought some folks to our doors that have not been here previously! From the Scripture on the walls, the worship music, and the spirit of prayer, there was a sense of peace as individuals had a meaningful way to give hope to other individuals they will never meet.” -Angela Presley, Crossings Pastor of Global Missions

The OBI staff and volunteers were blown away by the community response: “I have no words. We drew 118 donors today, 100 donors yesterday, for a total of 218 donors in two days at Crossings OKC. And this doesn’t even include Edmond on Tuesday. Wow. Just wow. The average size of a blood drive is around 20 donors. You can imagine how big this is for OBI, and even more so for patients all across the state of Oklahoma. Each of these 218 donations will be broken down into separate units, which allows each donation to touch up to 3 patients. What a beautiful picture of community love and service. This is why I love Crossings. My heart is full! Please extend a huge thanks to everyone on staff at Crossings for accepting this project and making it a priority. This was a HUGE answer to prayer. I hope this is just the beginning of a beautiful community partnership.”

Explore photo highlights from the blood drives below!


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