Baptism Blessings

Koch-Family-for-WebThe Koch family knew Crossings was their church home in 2009, especially when they met Josh Edington, Pastor of Contemporary Worship in the Venue, and linked up with him to help lead worship in the two Sunday morning Venue services. Ryan Koch, a drummer, and wife, Kacia, a background vocalist, both love being able to use their talents for God. Kacia says, “I love going to the Venue service because the atmosphere is so approachable, humble, and relevant to all ages. I find it to be very welcoming and focused on Jesus.”

As much as they are blessed by volunteering with the worship service in the Venue, they had no idea how much more blessed they would be this year when their seven-year old daughter, Jersey, decided to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior at Vacation Bible School. When asked what Jersey loved about VBS, she replied, “I love everything! I count down the months every year until it comes again. I love the music, the games, crafts and all the friends I meet. I also like all the friendly teachers.” Ryan and Kacia appreciate how each day Jersey was able to come home and remember in detail the Bible lesson. “I was impressed that they had her attention long enough for her to remember the stories in such detail!” Kacia added.

Jersey’s decision to make Jesus the Lord of her life thrilled her family, but Jersey still had questions and was a little afraid of what baptism meant. “We had to sit down with her, and explain what it was and what it symbolized. When she understood that it was an opportunity to show her church family about her decision, she was excited and ready to follow through immediately,” Kacia explained.

The Koch family contacted the church and prepared for the next step for Jersey. Kacia recalls,

The baptism experience was very organized, laid back and extremely memorable. From the monogrammed towel to the photographer backstage, it was something I will never forget. I love how we were just able to be still in the moment and soak in this precious encounter with God, without any worry of capturing it on video or taking pictures.

july-19-baptism-(2)Jersey’s baptism made her feel special the whole day, and it caused her to realize how important and celebrated this stage of her faith is. The Kochs are inspired by Jersey’s baptism and try to explain the importance of keeping Christ at the center of your life every day. The family appreciates all the activities and classes at Crossings that help you better disciple yourself. “Crossings really appeals to our whole family. There is something for everyone, and knowing that our kids come out of their classes loved and bursting with more Bible knowledge makes us so thankful for our church. We look forward to what else God has in store for us through Crossings!”

“Baptism Blessings” originally published by Danette Boswell, Crossings Volunteer Writing Team Member.