Did you know you can add events and classes happening at Crossings OKC or Crossings Edmond to your Google calendar or iCal app? It’s a quick and easy way to stay connected and tailor relevant events and classes to you. Here’s how to do it!

Access the Calendars

  1. Go to crossings.church/events/.
  2. Choose an event you’re interested in and click its title to open it.
  3. Explore the event details and register if applicable.
  4. Scroll down the page until you see two blue buttons labeled “+Add to Google Calendar” and “+Subscribe to Event(s).”

The process for adding events varies for each type of calendar. Follow instructions below for the calendar you use most!

Add to Google Calendar

Add to iCal Calendar

  • Choose the blue button labeled “+Subscribe to Events.”
  • You may be prompted to open iCal in your browser. Choose “Open Calendar” or “Allow” to access the calendar.
  • In iCal, you will be prompted to enter the URL of the event. It will be auto-populated with the event details from crossings.church, so all you need to do is click the white “Subscribe” button.
  • Review the details of the event including name, alerts, and auto-refresh options. Once you’re happy with the details, click the “OK” button.
  • The event (or class) has been added to your iCal!

Helpful Tips

You can always edit or remove the event from your calendar of choice by clicking it to bring up those options. Additionally, you can customize the description to include as much or as little detail as you like in Google Calendar, and you can get back to the event on crossings.church using the link in each iCal event.

Don’t forget to set reminders leading up to the event or class via text message or email so you don’t miss out!

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