A Choice To Serve

The Wyatt Family

Meaningful Service

Soccer practice, play dates, piano lessons, activities galore! Who can keep up with it all? Better yet, is this the way we really want to schedule our children’s time?

That’s exactly the question parents Jen and Travis Wyatt asked themselves. “We began noticing all of our girls’ activities revolved around them,” Jen stated, “and we knew we needed to change that.” So, instead of opting for another hobby centered on her children, Jen contacted Missions Pastor, Pam Millington. “Pam gave us several ideas about how we could serve as a family. We chose to help out at the Crossings Community Center. I wanted the girls to see that serving God can be done outside the church walls.”

Serving Those In Need

So, Jen and her girls, Cari (7) and Delaney (3), scheduled a time to serve at the Community Center. They helped organize and sort boxes of stickers for the scrapbooking class for The Club, Crossings mentorship program for 7th-12th grade students from John Marshall Middle and High School held at the Center on Thursday afternoons. During their time, Jen also got a chance to show the girls the Clinic and explain to them its purpose. “I want my girls to understand people come from all different backgrounds, and God calls us to serve the needy.”

Learning and Growing

This serving experience has sparked many meaningful conversations for the Wyatt family. “We have referenced their time at the Center in daily conversations as a way to remind the girls that even simple things we do – like sorting stickers – can be a way to serve God,” Travis said. “It’s our job as parents to instill in them a model of compassion and service, which is hard to do in this ‘all about me’ world.”

The Wyatt family plans more serving experiences in their future at additional locations like the food bank. They look forward to seeing how serving others will give their girls a chance to grow in their individual walks with God.

By Danette Boswell, Crossings Volunteer Writing Team