In righteousness you answer us, by your awesome deeds, God of our salvation—you, who are the security of all the far edges of the earth, even the distant seas. You establish the mountains by your strength; you are dressed in raw power. You calm the roaring seas, calm the roaring waves, calm the noise of the nations. Those who dwell on the far edges stand in awe of your acts. You make the gateways of morning and evening sing for joy.

– Psalm 65:5-8


Heavenly Father,
I am in awe of you. Thank you for this beautiful world and for the ways that it can astound and teach me. It makes me aware of your vastness, and my smallness, and I need to be reminded of that. When I forget your majesty, I take control of life, put myself first, seek and follow my will, build my ego and reputation, and ultimately my pride leads to a fall. You are God; you alone are sovereign. I surrender all to you, Lord. I confess my arrogance and turn to you in humble adoration. I praise you for the gateways of morning that welcome me back into your graces and the evenings that sing for joy in welcoming union.
In your name,


Today’s prayer reminds us through creation how astounding God is–something we can sometimes forget. Because of the mundane tasks, we complete each day, it’s easy to lose perspective on how amazing God truly is. Take a moment today to share how your perspective has changed over the past days of 60 Days of Prayer. What new experiences have you had? How has spending this time in prayer each day helped you see God differently?


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