You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.

– Psalm 56:8


Heavenly Father,
You have said you keep no record of my wrongs–when I confess my sins, you forgive and then you remember them no more. And yet, you keep track of my sorrows–you collect my tears, and record each one. You understand grief–you have experienced it firsthand–and you share in mine. Thank you for being a kind and compassionate God and for being my comfort in times of sorrow. And when I am not in a place of sadness, remind me to stay close to those who grieve, to console them with prayers of your presence and supernatural peace.
In your name I pray,


We have all experienced the bleakness and pain that accompanies grief. Grieving takes time, and for many of us, it can feel like something we have to do in isolation. Today’s prayer offers us the comfort of knowing God knows each tear we cry, each moment of difficulty we experience, and each source of grief in its entirety. As you pray this prayer, rest in knowing there are resources, classes, groups, and counseling available to you in the changing seasons of your life. If you know someone who is experiencing grief or sorrow, take a moment to write a note of encouragement to him or her.


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