Beginning May 5, you’re invited to be a voice of hope in our community through a number of volunteer and outreach opportunities. As you explore each opportunity at Crossings OKC and Edmond below, take a moment to pray about how God will use you to impact others and demonstrate his love.

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Dates: October 5
Location: Water4 Headquarters & Wheeler Park
Campus Opportunity: EDM & OKC Campuses

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“In 2019, we’ll celebrate the joy of loving and serving our community for 60 years. Fifty-five people were inspired to start a church and live by faith to go wherever God led. We’re going to spend this year of celebration enjoying what’s happening right now and dreaming of how God will use us in the years ahead. Can you just imagine what this place will be like in the next 60 years if we’re as faithful as our founders?”
— Marty Grubbs, Senior Pastor


Thank you for praying with us during 60 Days of Prayer! It has been an incredible time of unity for us as a church family and a wonderful opportunity for individual spiritual growth. We would love to hear how God has impacted you during this past 60 days. How has he used you throughout this time spent focusing on him and his Word? How have the daily prayers, Scriptures, and action steps made a difference in your life? Whether you have been greatly changed or have noticed small changes in your life, we would love to hear from you.

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On March 31, we celebrated 60 years of loving and serving our community together for Celebration Sunday. Over 9,400 people gathered and enjoyed over 5,600 donuts, a special message and worship in all services, balloons for the kids, a walk-through history exhibit telling Crossings’ 60-year story, and a special history video featuring some of our founders.

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“We were just filled with this excitement that God would do something here. We were ready to be a part of it and see this church we loved become an influential body of Christ.”
— Norma Townsdin, Long-time Member & Crossings Elder


From its humble beginnings when it was called Westridge Hills Church of God, Crossings Community Church has focused on helping people find and follow Jesus. The church began when Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Baker, along with business partner, Wilma McManus, built a small church at the corner of 55th and Linn in Oklahoma City. Fifty-five people began their new venture in the leased building—which was eventually gifted by E.W. Baker—on Easter Sunday in 1959. Our founders put in place tenets which continue to be the framework for Crossings today: generosity, courageous faith, and a vision for the future.

“What captured me was the incredible spirit of the church,” said Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs. “Our founders and the growing church family were kind, loving people. They didn’t want just any ordinary church; they wanted to make a difference in the community, no matter how radical or challenging. That was a very compelling foundation to build the church on.”

As the new Senior Pastor in 1985, Marty knew his position was a challenging one. “They didn’t hire me to keep the place looking pretty—they wanted a church that would reach the community,” he said. “It was important to me that we were determined to reach beyond the walls.”

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