One doesn’t have to live in Oklahoma long to realize it is one of the greatest places on earth. That said, it is also a place that can present some tremendous seasonal changes. Ice storms, floods, wildfires, violent tornados, and yes, even earthquakes, are a part of life for Oklahoma residents.

Driven by our great compassion and desire to be the hands and feet of Christ, Crossings Community Church created the Crossings Disaster Response Team (CDRT) to restore hope and rebuild lives when disaster strikes.

Want to join the team? As a Disaster Response Team member, you will have opportunities to “Restore Hope and Rebuild Lives” in a variety of ways. If you consider Crossings Community Church your church home, are at least 18 years old, and are willing to complete online training and a background check, we need you!

Please take a minute to explore the many areas of involvement available as a volunteer CDRT member. After reviewing the list, please use the sign-up form located below and in each of the areas of involvement on this page to select those areas that interest you (or to let us know you’d like to be contacted to receive more information), and a CDRT member will be in touch with you in the next few days.

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CDRT offers the following areas of involvement. Please click on each team title for more information or to sign up!

General Clean Up Team

General Clean Up Team

Team members will clean up debris for those affected by minor and major disasters.

GCT volunteer opportunities include:

Damage Assessment

Provide decision-making information for disaster relief operation by gathering, analyzing, and distributing accurate and timely information about the extent of damage, overall impact, weather conditions, and demographics of the disaster-affected area.

The Damage Assessment GCT Member will:

  • Communicate findings directly to Operations Manager
  • Determine the extent of damage (major or minor) and what is needed on individual sites that have been requested for assistance, such as the number of volunteers, chain saws, etc.

Chain Saw Crew

This team will remove damaged trees and other debris blocking doorways and/or driveways, trees leaning against homes, and limbs broken through roofs or causing a hazard in yards. Experience in operating a chain saw and training is mandatory. Members of this team must be willing to attend training sessions in chain saw operation and safety and must be able to endure strenuous outdoor work.

The Chain Saw GCT Member will:

  • Manage inventory of chain saws
  • Perform chain saw maintenance

Debris Removal

Teams go to requested sites for debris removal and cleanup of affected areas.

The Debris Removal GCT Member will:

  • To extent requested and able, secure site from further damage related to weather or destruction
  • Receive general safety briefing before disbursing to site
  • Ensure members have appropriate gear and equipment
  • Follow guidelines and priorities to serve affected areas

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Spiritual-Emotional Comfort Team

Spiritual-Emotional Comfort Team

While general cleanup is done by GCT members, other volunteers will be on hand to encourage
and comfort those affected. Team members will understand the emotional and psychological
weight placed on affected persons and the need to represent Christ and His church to
those suffering. SECT volunteering opportunities include:

Spiritual / Emotional Comfort Team

Ideally, there would be 1-2 SECT members on every other team group with the 2-3 at the command center for emergency / unforeseen situation needs.

The SECT member will:

  • Work as a trained member and/or a resource in another team group
  • Be available to lead an opening prayer or spontaneous prayer for an immediate need
  • Observe and be available for those who need encouragement and/or spiritual support
  • Be available to share the message of Christ
  • Communicate with SECT Manager regarding escalating spiritual/emotional needs

Comfort Care Resources

Comfort Care Resources consist of members of the SECT who have a deeper level of training in the emotional and/or psychological trauma of affected persons. Additionally, Comfort Care Resources are members of the SECT who complete additional training provided.

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Resource Management Team

Resource Management Team

As may be required in certain disasters, team members will organize and administrate the
promotion, collection, and transportation of needed resources to areas affected. This
could involve setting up and operating a temporary resource center as was done in the
aftermath of the May 20, 2013 tornado. RMT volunteer opportunities include:

Resource Collection

The RMT Resource Collection member will:

  • Identify and maintain current physical resources and equipment
  • Develop criteria for acceptance, storage, and/or referral of donations
  • Identify needs and relay to Operations Manager/Communications Team to update website daily

Resource Distribution

The RMT Resource Distribution member will:

  • Identify resources/donations to be utilized and/or distributed to others
  • Determine sources to accept unneeded donations
  • Identify resources available to transport/deliver donations
  • Identify storage of accepted donations
  • Coordinate volunteers for transportation of donations

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Volunteer Management Team

Volunteer Management Team

Larger scale disasters require mobilization of large numbers of non-CDRT volunteers who need to be organized,
registered, oriented, and dispatched to assist where needed. This team manages this effort. VMT volunteer
opportunities include:

Administrative Support

The Administrative Support VMT member will:

  • Provide support for CDRT operations and for Command Center
  • Arrange and conduct volunteer registration as needed for Cleanup / Debris removal forces and others actively working during disaster through the Command Center and other sites.


Many VMT members will prefer to help where needed. With the exception of teams requiring additional training like the chain saw group or lay chaplains, team members will receive alerts as various needs arise. Needs could range from basic cleanup, making or delivering meals to rescue workers, helping persons affected fill out paperwork for assistance, to a number of administrative tasks.

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Communications Team

Communications Team (CT)

This team is responsible for the collection and central dissemination
of information regarding disaster relief activities, which incorporates:

Phone Bank / Center

CT members will man phone lines to assist church staff and provide necessary information to members
and others calling the church office in the aftermath of a major disaster. This includes the training
and scheduling of volunteers to man phones.

CCC Wellness Contacts

CCC Wellness Contacts will assist church staff in making calls to assess needs of Crossings members who live in an affected area.

The CCC Wellness Contact CT member will:

  • Identify Crossings members who are to be called
  • Maintain responses of members called
  • Forward requests for relief to Operations Manager/Management Team for appropriate response

Social Media / CDRT Website

Social Media / CDRT Website CT member will work closely and provide church staff current and pertinent information so staff can keep the congregation accurately informed. Additionally, this CT member will:

  • Develop content for posting on web page
  • Develop content for release on Twitter / Facebook
  • Coordinate release of information with CCC Communications director

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When disaster strikes, people often feel helpless because they don’t know where to turn. In many cases, just a cup of coffee, a blanket, a place to get warm and rest or a smiling face to talk to are all a person needs to feel a little better.

For More Information

Jeff Stewart, Senior Associate Pastor

Dan Alcorn, Operations Manager



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